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10+ Best Online Music Streaming Applications on Android, Download Free !!


Enakbernafas.com – By listening to music online , of course Android users don’t have to bother waiting for music downloads again. Because it’s only a matter of looking for song titles, you can easily play music you want to hear directly on Android.

Curious what are the application lists? Here are 11 choices of the best online music player applications on android that you can enjoy for free.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud allows you to hear more new music & audio available in this application. You can search for music that you want to listen to, you can also see the cover of the music you want to choose.

What is unique about this application is that SoundCloud users can record sound and share it with this application. You can also listen to audio sent by other SounCloud users.

Lots of songs available on SoundCloud, like rock, electronics, classical music, house music, and much more.

You can find trending music in the world, then you can collect it to your SoundCloud playlist. Whenever and wherever, now you can listen to cool songs using this SoundCloud application. Of course you can download it for free through Google PlayStore.

2. JOOX Music

Music player application that is no less popular with the first application, namely JOOX Music . By using this application, you can stream music that you like for free.

You can search millions of songs and you can download them to play offline. Just by typing the song title you want to play, you can quickly listen to the song in just seconds.

3. Spotify Music

Spotify Music helps you access music easily into the world of music available throughout the world. You can easily choose artists and albums. Not only that, you can also create song playlists in this application.

With just seconds, you can find millions of songs in the world that you can play for free using the Spotify Music application.

4.  Mixcloud -Mix Radio & DJ

For those of you who like to hear remix songs, the reason is you have to try this application called MixCloud . In this application, later you can hear millions more cool remixes that are hits that are uploaded by famous radio broadcasters and DJs.

There are various categories of music that are very young, starting from EDM, Deep House, Dubstep, and other cool types of music.

5. NCS Music

NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) is a music genre today that offers a different quality of music than others. Which in the future users are free to listen to the best songs consisting of various genres, such as Dubstep, DeepHouse, Electro, Progressive, and Trance.

This application is designed for true music lovers who like typical clubbing songs With a user interfaceand simple navigation, users can find the music they want easily and quickly.

6. Deezer – Songs & Music Player

Deezer - Songs & Music Player

This online music player application called Deezer may not be much different from JOOX. How not, the two applications both provide millions of songs that are hits  from various genres, such as pop songs, rock songs, and many more.

In this application made by  Deezer Mobile , you can easily search your favorite songs at the same time see the lyrics directly on the screen. Amazingly, users can create playlists of their own favorite songs which later can play music offline.

7.  Shazam

Basically Shazam has a feature that is quite unique compared to previous music player applications. Where he is able to identify the title of the song you are listening to through television, radio, and so on.

In addition, you can also listen to the rows of music currently hits through the available tracklist . The music collection here is regularly updated. So that you won’t miss the development of music which is currently a hit .

8.  Spinrilla

If you type “Spinrilla” on Google Play, you might be a little confused as to why this app’s logo has Gorilla images. Even though it’s a bit strange, this app that isn’t so familiar is worth trying, especially for those of you who like to listen to DJ music and similar genres.

Besides being able to listen to music online, here you can also store music that you have heard before. In other words you can listen to it offline.

9.  Free music for YouTube: Stream

This application is packed with a UI that is similar to YouTube. If on YouTube you have to search for songs that are pleasant to hear, but here you only need to see the available tracklist . Which you will listen to music while viewing videos from the music itself.

Here you can enjoy 100 genres of music consisting of Electronic, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rhythm & blues, Disco, Jazz, and many others. Afraid of scooping up with the music that is currently being hit ? You can rely on this DJiT application .

10.  LangitMusik

In LangitMusik, you can enjoy streaming with millions of songs that can be heard online or downloaded to play in offline mode .

Through the application made by this nation’s children, you can get a choice of playlist recommendations from the “Music Director” currently being hit , both music from Indonesia and the West.

11. Prambors

Prambors is one of the best radio broadcasts in Indonesia that presents special music broadcasts for young people. The line of playlists presented here is certainly based on the top charts of music throughout the world.

In addition to presenting good and contemporary music, here you will also hear exciting and gossipy broadcasters. Curious right? Just install the application immediately on your Android!

That’s the eleven best online music player applications that are widely used by android users around the world. Now you can easily play music online in just seconds. Listen to music whenever and wherever you are. Music is Life!


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